Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Under Kaypacha, the Muki

The   Muki, is playful prankster.
He’ll give you gold nuggets only to turn back into stones.
He’s happy-go-lucky, if he’s alone.
Perhaps a foot and a half in height.
Who has very few possessions besides a pickaxe, and a hat?
He lives in the High Andes of Peru, usually barefoot or with sandals.
His garments are usually of wool; he is semi-human, I am told!
They have a village, the Muki, under the earth, some say in the mines and some say they are bewitched, while others say very rich.
They live in Junin, and some have metallic wings.
Under Kaypacha (earth), resides the Mother of Waters, where the Muki swim among gold and silver columns.
Where in the beginning of the world ukhupacha (the world below) they learned to live in the dark world’s shadows.

Copyright © June, 2016 by Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c.