Friday, August 14, 2015

The Lost Millennium

In a corner of the world there was a land called Sumer
Whose waters reached the Euphrates Valley and the Syrian Desert, its high plateau?
As a result, the mud of two northern streams created a delta, with a pitiless sun…
But rich was the soil, as anywhere on earth!
And man here made his home:
This was the beginning.
Diversified by marshes and reed-beds, rivers flush with their banks...!

After the Great Flood, retreating waters and a new cultivation took place; the Antediluvian devoured by the apocalyptic event.
Hence, into Sumer the giants of old went, degreed a civilization among the dark-haired race, to include the Hulks of Jericho, and those Goliaths at: ‘Stone Heap of the Wildcat’ and Gaza … 
Sporadically circumstances would promote social unity.

And there was Susa, Musyan, Elam, and the Persian Gulf—Mesopotamia, And Queen shub-ad, who created style.
And pottery formed, and temples were born.
And kings came and left.
Like King Gilgamesh, whose ancestry stretched back to A-lu-lim., the first of the Sumerian kings (NUN RI)

And thus came: gold vases, and royal graves at UR, and the Sumerian hymn and they hummed to the gods of old! And the villagers wore
Garments of sheepskins, and molded clay figurines, roughly chipped.
From crystal, they wore necklaces: of all kinds, and some with beads.
This was the lost millennium.

They thought back then, somehow or another, virtue was a necessity for the gods, therefore, came sacrifices and the daily ritual: 
Spells that fix and bound man; hoping to remain engaged, to keep the favor of the gods.
As a result, feast-days came and went; animals killed for rituals, like flies!
Barbarism, perhaps, but that was life, at its edge.

It drew the gods, and man’s moral judgment.
Prompt, the gods exercised their power, and man then started to build statues to their likeness, and now human sacrifice even found its way:
With magic from the dismembered angelic beings: those renegades tossed out from Heaven!
Those who cohabited with earthly women, and gave birth to giant children, and created ungodly occurrences, even cannibalism.

Hence, Astrology was now born on earth, as Sumerians now ruled the skies.
Astronomical knowledge came from the gods too, and the gods (those angelic supernatural beings who battled in Heaven against the supreme!)
Those ecclesiastical creatures, that fell out of the sky, one earthly day!
Whom would be eventually cast into the Prison House for Angelic beings, far off in some cosmic nebula?

Mesopotamia came under Sumerian rule, and Ur, Lagash and Nippur honored the Moon-god. And then came more public works; Baal was created out of words whom dwelt in the sands of the Ancient Near East, right up to the Mediterranean Sea! …
And it became the Sacred Way, and the walls of the Ziggurat [Temples]
Were built.
Sanctuaries, with an inner court, and doors decorated that lead to narrow chambers: to the Holy of Holies. Shrines, sacred vessels.
It was an unusual time, and phenomenon ... were great platforms were built in Lebanon, and great brickwork, and grand sculptures
Gods and goddesses, enchanting oil-jars; and forever lost dynasties.
A lost millennium, that would in time stretch to Greater Cities like:
Babylon, Nineveh, Damascus, Jerusalem, Troy, Knossos, Athens, Rome, Pompeii, and Mecca.  
And within, men would lead men like lambs led astray, for what man knew was next to nothing, taking life jovially and carelessly.

#1522 10/19/2006/ Published in the Arab Magazine “Al-Mashriq” (GAZA) / Reedited 1-2015 & revised 8-2015