Friday, August 14, 2015

Condemned! (Sin must be swallowed!)

He told me he saw a miracle!
He said he wore a holy cross!
He even said, he saw a vision of Christ.
And held his own, a Rosary and Bible:
Read and prayed them every night!
Then cried with pride: all who’d learn from him
Who sought the truth, — God would open
The gates of: promise and hope!

But what he didn’t say
Was what he didn’t know—?
He couldn’t tell he had a closed heart, and
A ruptured mind and soul, equally fouled!
And thus, this wouldn’t allow his faith to settle—:
To be drawn from the Father to Savior:

And because of this, the Holy Spirit did not
Allow the relationship that could have given
Love and life, between him: the Father and
Jesus Christ: eternal life; therefore,
As all sin must oblige and bear:
He was judged and condemned, right there!


Inspired by writings of Pope Francis (EWTN News/CAN Aug 9, 2015)

Note: I see the approach to God in the following manner: it is kind of like: the Father calls your name, the Holy Spirit, check you out, and the Lord Jesus cleanses you, and the Father then welcomes you.