Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Vanished Tomb of Ancovilca

Prelude: High up in the Andes in the Valley of Canipaco, of Peru, from what is known, as the House of Falcon, came the Hanan Chanka era, which lasted for about 1500-years. It was a race of warriors that drank the blood of their enemy, from their skull caps. From this line came two gods, great warriors: Ancovilca, whom had the teeth of the lion, and Uscavilca, who had the thumbs of a great giant.

The Valley of Canipaco is four hours from the city of Huancayo, and the Mantaro Valley of Peru, 10,500 feet in the Andes, eight hours from Lima. It was said, both of these gods: that they were entombed within the cliffs of the Valley of Canipaco, within its many encircling tunnels, and that within the caves resides the gold filled tombs of both warrior-gods, and in particular—in this case, we are referring to the Tomb of Ancovilca. And thus, this is where our account starts and ends…

His clothes were of gold, somehow he knew that; two days without water, or food, exhausted, dizzy, about to drink his urine, but what was the use, his heart rapidly beating, rapidly breathing—g-forces had taken over (his blood had thicken, his kidneys were hammering against his backbone, they would collapse soon, so he figured) too much carbon dioxide.

It all stimulated respiration (less air), in the dark, silent chamber tomb of the once warrior-god, Ancovilca.

He recalled how it all took place: first he had opened the chamber door, and poisonous gas had hit him hard, where organic materials where inside this tomb? He questioned in his delirium, ‘…of what, from what?’ He could smell methane. He had fallen to one knee—he remembered that, covered his mouth, had a kind of half conversation with his mind, he was dizzy, not sure if he woke up, or what, but here he was, on one knew dizzy. And he was now trying to track it backwards, put it all back together: what took place. He had found one of the two tombs, he knew that, and it was Ancovilca’s tomb, somehow he knew that also. He considered he was excited, yes more than excited, immensely exuberant. He went inside to explore it, no, he hadn’t at first. First he had moved the wall stone in front, only two inches, then it activated somehow, something, and it opened by itself, then—and then the stone behind it, closed the chamber back up, imprisoned him, as he had fallen to his knee, that’s what happened, how long he was on his knee was any man’s guess: but he was stationary, or had he fallen to sleep and woke up and was back on his knee? It all was a bit confusing.

Whatever the case, he never got to see the contents of the tomb. “Yes, that’s how it was,” he told the voice in his mind. He had no matches, no flashlight, he was, he knew he was the first to have ever entered this chamber in over a thousand years, “Damn,” he said, “I should have come with someone, with a flashlight, oh yes, I left it outside the doorway that’s why I don’t have it, I had to pry the door a little, I put it down, was spellbound by the discover—yes that’s how it was.”

He had scrambled around the cliff caves or two weeks, with his wife and guide, Alfonzo, he now wondered what they were up to, down in the little mountain town-ship, perhaps having breakfast, waiting for his return. He had told them it would be three days and he’d return, be back, this was the third day, morning of the third day. He could see the glow from the dial on his watch it was the morning of the third day, it was all burr but he made it out: 8:00 a.m., August 28, 2011.

Several minutes had passed, now he remembered, gone over again, the size the chamber, he knew it was halfway big, he measured it, one wall of it anyhow, it was twenty-feet, he didn’t remember when he measured it, he just knew he did.

Now as it had been for going on three days: he listened to the intense darkness. It was as if it had breathed, as if it was breathing. That is when he had reached forward, yes forward, several minutes ago, on his hands and knees he had moved forward several feet, he had reached out, felt a foot, and it was as if it felt of flesh, no wood, no, a combination perhaps, but it was not mummified. Then clothes, he felt gold, yes a statue, or mummy he told his mind, the voice of his mind. It was gold he felt, but he got a reverberating echo from that voice, and it said: “No, no…nooo!”

Embodied, no emboldened by the thought, he stood up touched its hips, it seemed to relax, it was more than a statue, more than a mummy, “No, no….oo!” said the voice within his mind, within the immeasurable blackness of the chamber.

With his hands he felt the outline of its lower torso, his hands slid over the gold, the thing was several feet tall, he moved one foot back as it seemed to move one foot forward it self, and stood even more erect. Then a hand, its hand, clenched him—tightly, and he felt something stiff go into his back; that all was several minutes ago.

His wife and Alfonzo, found the tomb early that afternoon, it was open, wide open, and his body lay there dead, it was as if his kidneys were smashed to pulp, and the tomb was found completely empty.

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