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Sorrows of Sheol


(Dialogue of the Devils)

The dead in one of the chambers were playing dirty tricks on one another.

Here it was a world passed: one of no moonlight, hours moving at high

speed: uncounted tombs and stones and shriveled lilies,

Cradles of acid-dew air, here and there—everywhere.

Lo! What words can I say? How shall I describe this desolate land before


Oh, perhaps: the ‘Sorrows of Sheol.’

The Dead were hoping they would be persuasive enough—in this dark to

dark, zone to zone madhouse!...

Persuasive enough to mar Eva?

Ere, the thought was blind, but they wanted from her, to hear,

a word of testament: a few syllables making up a word or two

Saying “Okay, I’ll stay,’ or just ‘Okay,’ might do,

and would be forever bound.

(Nature she thought…the thought misplaced, her eyes shifted, just for a minute she thought she saw old Ronda lying beside a chucking beast, her mindless charred body moved as if in a sea-slough mesh—yes, yes, it was Old Ronda the Seer).

Sea-slough mesh, she was like the fly to a spider, caught in their web, her

endowed web.

“We hunger for life and because we hunger for life, we call on you but in

this case, in you case, you called on us,” said

some passionate form, bent, hunched behind the Noyllopa

(the wild-blooded green demon).

“We cry, God pity us,” said Noyllopa, “but he has lost the key to his eardrums,

and hears not a word. He sees and hears nothing; it is as if his eyes are “corroded.”

(Old Ronda came into view again, she sat up, and it was her, confirmed: white eyes no pupils, the voice beside her said: ‘She has only been down here for 160-years’ then the voice lifted, it was of Noge—a bisexual, lust demon— he cried out once more: ‘What are you among the living? Here among the dead, you are like Lilith, Queen!’)

Ronda pushed her hair off her shoulders, laid against a rock, looked at

Eva as if to say:

‘You’d be the luckier’

But what did that mean?

Luckier if she got out of there (but were she God Almighty, she might have up and left, just like that…so

she pondered, she might have done that; but would she? For there she was…)

Or stay with them, would she stay with them (for there she was).

Then Ronda fell like a rag doll onto the stones beside her.

‘Was she the living dead?’ pondered in Eva’s mind.

To displease the eyeballs of Sheol, she kept a flat affect on her face in her Posture.

Here tongue-less beasts ran by—from corridor to corridor!

Silent vampires flew by, all crouching like dogs…

Roots, rats, dead cats, and parts from the new breed,

hanging from their lips

It all was chaos in this ungodly creation.

No, a Godly creation, one matching them and their immemorial powers!

Ronda, she was different from the others, thought Eva

So was her thinking, in vacant wonder

Just an old stray mare for the taking, by the idiot lips of the many beasts

and creatures…herewith in

“Why don’t you speak?” asked Agaliarept.

“What can I say,” responded Eva, “I love my brother (but she didn’t say

what she meant, ‘she had once loved her brother’)

And Tyr, the idiot, clapped and chuckled like a child.

The Hours

“How long have I been here” asked Eva?

It seemed an hour or so, but they had walked quite a distance, with long

periods of silence.

“Nothing, and I mean nothing,” said Noge, “is quite the same here. Two

days, you’ve been here twenty-hours.”

She had been daydreaming, trivially daydreaming:

Mice chopping on mice, scarping scorpions, had all taken her attention

away from the ongoing dialogue!...

Down a side corridor, a squad of twelve helmeted soldiers with torches,


“Kiss me, oh kiss me,” said Noyllopa.

Eva became breathless in fear they would soon force her again to their


But they wanted her cooperation—a word tying her forevermore to their

domain, domicile, their Sheol, her one or two words of acceptance.

And they were using up their time: in the art of persuasion,

As often they did, and were famous for—

all under the umbrella of manipulation….

Eva felt as if she was under a shell of imbecility;

This wanting to have seen her brother no matter what, was now silly—

Especially knowing he was here…God forbid, what kind of thinking was


((Eva thought for a moment: ‘…will I awake from this sleep, and this will prove to be a dream, a nightmare. What if I will not wake up? Oh, but when I do it will all fade, of course it will: no it will not—will I keep clear memories…?)(And there stood now in front of Eva, just for a moment—the Wingless Archangels, for they wanted to see her: unbelieving, one would prefer to step into the heart of Sheol, to have a last look at her brother—how inane. These Wingless Archangels, were the infamous Angelic Renegades, that lived before the Great Flood: these were the beings that were wise with the secrets of eternity, they stood in defiance of God, and now they stood with changing fear in front of the entreasured woman, Eva, who had they their choice would take her, but they saw something of old, they would have blown her to bleak oblivion, but they saw something of old, and they simply left, for it was the sin that had sent them to their doom, so long ago—cohabitation with the living, and she was still part of the living, now these beings no more than malignant hags, but powerful nonetheless, wished not to lose what little they had.))

A loud cry was heard “You runaway she-dog, I want your joy of your dirty body!”

the voice of: Noyllopa.

“You already took it,” said Eva, with an insulting tone, fearing now she may

have, altered the situation.

“What of it,” replied Agaliarept? “I will tell you a secret, maybe two.

“We have many famous people down here, I will tell you of some, and my

secret of you, if you lay with me willingly and say a word or two…”

He was now fearful; she might not be persuaded to give up her right to

salvation, she was becoming testy, and the demonic forces, were not playing their part well, she was

now scorched—dry as a bone—from loving him to such a depth.

“We have Clark Ashton Smith here, your brother’s idol, and we have Poe,

and we have Robinson Jeffers, and we have H.P. Lovecraft, all idols of

Your brother and perhaps yours as well: should I call them forth?”

“Do you have George Sterling?” asked Eva, a poet.

“Perhaps,” said Agaliarept, but did not say he’d produce him.

She had been trying to repair what she had destroyed, she did not want to

be, gang rapped again, and figured she’d listen to him, he was a boastful, talkative aspiration, to rebuild, and buy for time:

“Hemingway, Faulkner, Anderson, Stein, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking,

he’s coming—it is all time and space related: so is John Lange,

“I Mean MC, and Capote in a few more years, all your friends and your

brother’s heroes, and Woolf, and Mary Renault, and Stephen King, “And Ginsberg, Jack K., and Burroughs, you know the bunch, all those

poets and story writers: woops, I left out: Elvis is on his way, and so “Is Elton John, and Obama—he’s far-off in the future though,

“And G. Johnson, that old Vietnam president,

“All believers in Molloy the Devil, more than the Almighty, we’ve done a

lot of work down here: if you know what I mean.

“Those who don’t believe ride dreams, enkindling dreams;

“They listen to our voices, act in haste and make webs of death, for: fame,

fortune and war against one another, we get them so busy they never Rest.

“We get them all fighting over God; everyone wants a pound of flesh from

him. He is the silver veil over everyone’s heart, He is the twist in “Everyone’s mind, and we down here in Hell are aglow with hot malign

when we can confuse the living about this omnipotent entity.”

Agaliarept’s Lecture

To gain more time to think, Eva asked, the most arrogant and talkative one of

the demonic forces to explain demonic energy, and of course it was Agaliarept, Henchman of Hell, again, that took the lead by saying:

Demonic Energy: Electrical and magnetic forces are related, thus, a moving magnet causes a force on electrical charges, That is to say, demons are moving magnetic forces, expressed more simply, they are in themselves an electric current, and could create a magnetic field; this field produces an electric current.

An example might be light, polarized light. So to move an object, let’s say demonic forces, something has to come in contact with it: this being the space between Sheol, or earth and the Moon.

These demons are in essence, invisible tubes you might say, doing the pushing and pulling. As the moon does when it gets closer to the earth, as the tides rise and sink.

Thus, we have an unseen magnetic power here (a force field), stretching from one point to another (this is called: electromagnetism).

Now you take the manifestations of a physical entity, a demon for example, me for a better example, and the magnetic field: you witnessed how fast I got here: what do we have: a wave in space and the speed of the wave, in this case, in the case of a full powered demonic force, me—my speed is that of light, ‘the speed of light.’

You see light itself is an electromagnetic wave. So we have here a demon absorbing light, energy, There are other waves demonic forces are transferred from here to there with, such as by radio waves, microwaves, X-ray machines, television, the sun,

You must remember, the moon is only 250,000 miles away the earth only 25,000 mile around, a demon in such cases can outrun a light wave that my friend is fast.

So he can be with you one minute, and in hell the next, and on the moon, shortly after.

And when the demon is said to have the Fifth Moon within him, he has dragged—in effect, altered time, it is not as it may seem to be to the earthling observers, Earth has its own clock, and demonic forces do not, especially do not, when they are not on the surface of the earth, nor in Sheol or Hell.

The Demonic forces live according to space-time—more often than not—which includes a forth dimension. Gravity, and gravity is distorted by the mass and energy in it, this is what the demon holds on to. Meaning they do not have to travel in a straight line, but can curve if it is to their advantage, and they do. This is called, gravitational waves; each demonic force can have its own intensity as in quantum theories would avow. I do not with to get into this area, simple because then we are talking about atoms and molecules.

Then a strange creature came out—seemingly out of nowhere—by the name of: Belgorod the Mediocre, a

creature that looked like a lion, with a human head!

“If you break a promise, no one can save you, down here.”

With that, Agaliarept, Noyllopa, and even Noge, all looked at Belgorod: he had

let the cat out of the bag, he had told her in essence, there was a way out.

“Eh,” said Eva. No more than that, and no more than that had to be said.

She thought now, ‘He told me the secret.’

Belgorod’s yellow teeth showed as he stupidly smiled at one and all.

“I mean, I’m sorry Agaliarept, I slipped…”

Eva made no answer, and the silence, was the response they didn’t want

because they knew she was thinking, and she could see Agaliarept’s Scalp tighten, his veins in his temples protrude.

The Twenty-fifth Hour…

Agaliarept’s Last Monologue

“God has no pity,” said Agaliarept, Henchman of Hell;

“it is better you join us now than later, should you arrive later, we will Be more harsh on you!”

“Blasphemy,” she cried.

“No, this is the truth,” said Agaliarept.

“Everyday, 160,000-people die on earth, and out of them, we get 155,000. There has been in my lifetime, which is over 10,000-years, 105-billion

births on earth, out of them we have 460-wars, from the wars we lost Over one billion lives, which would have produced, another 10- billion

souls to deal with, you see we have done God a favor—taken in most all of them—minus that little percentage—and He has had no Pity on us.”

Eva was no longer listening…

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