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The Great Tower at Kura

The Great Tower at Kura

[4th Millennium of Kura]

(Of the Planet Kura)

At the start of the 4th Millennium B.C. [350-years before the Great Flood took place on Earth, on Planet Kura (which is located in the Dark Galaxy between Planet SSARG and Planet Toso, perhaps a little closer to Planet SSARG, at which time, prior to the invasion of the aliens, the so called super race, the planet was called Lihmain, changed by the Kuraine race, or the Empire of Kura), a civilization was being created out of the mud and dust of a Great Seabed, called the Sinister Sea] civilization was giving rise to a land called Slaug [a region of land, or territory], and the island empire called Citanala ruled the whole planet of tribal city-states, of which the city of Kura was the Capital, only subject to an global court, by Citanala, and its ruling body, whom were, a super race from some other galaxy.

There were no laws against moral actions at this time for civilization on Kura, or as one might declare, unmoral actions—all were relative. Economies were often—which was the norm—often, or often than not based on slavery for its labor and other desirable services. There was no discrimination, all were equal in the minds of the slave owners, masters—better-sweet you might say—slaves being: brown, white, black, yellow, red skin, it favored no one, and savagely dealt with each and everyone the same, as if to say, human life was a commodity at best, to the planet’s total, and complete sum, all combined tribal city-states.

death was simply a recycling of that commodity, to be found in most every corner of the world, often times ground into fertilizer or oil for the machines on the island Acropolis Citanala; consequently, free labor in a tribal city-states were of an immense value, which never existed before the Kuranits appeared.

In a way, this super acropolis government, gave organized the people of Kura, and gave them a tinge of democracy A mysterious people, a powerful and ingenious people, a subgroup from a higher order that no one dared to defy—who were they? Should you not yield to this alien power, it was without question, death. The Slaugs, from this region of the Sinister Sea, the sea that no longer existed, but was a sea at one time, had more slaves than any city-state on the planet. It was their Pompeii of sorts.

The original Kura people, from some unknown planet in the Universe, used what they called ‘Sacred Geometry.’

To stress this point, the Citanalalits, those who ruled Citanala, if they were aware of any religious dissenters [nonconformist] they were killed, butchered alive in front of citizens, I did say democracy was in this land but these were the rules of that kind of democracy, although open were the boarders to debauchery, and that is what the people wanted; buried alive in front of whoever wished to watch or open rebellion against Citanala, and thus a testament to those who wished to defy this democracy—of which crudity of this era was not much different than that of Earth’s earlier periods—this was the norm, and it was for the most part normal—the Capital City Citanala, call it “Rights with Responsibilities.” If you didn’t work, you didn’t eat, and the longer you didn’t work, you starved because there were no beggars on the streets, they were made into fertilizer: and as often said by the populist, better for the gardens.

Oh yes, as often it is, there were those folks that were seldom seen, that protested, and called it: evil-hidden, and perhaps it was, but they never gave morsel of free food to anyone.

But then one must remember, it was the norm, natural for people to act this way. Hundreds were put into huge burials, holes in the ground, where possible four-hundred could be thrown, tossed, cast in like diseased cattle, when too much sentiment, attitude, or opinions crept out, against the Acropolis, the Capital City of Citanala, and as witnessed to anything defilers of the laws and ideals of the Acropolis, it was put out by the abolitionist then and only then; the group that bore the Great Fret Bird Wings, yes this group was the Hidden Red Guards, the SS group, the CIA, or FBI, or KGB of the day, the Abolitionist of Kura, that worked for the Acropolis, the police of Slug. The emblem that went above their chest, or copper arm band, or brass ring was the same emblem of the Great Fret Bird Wings: such birds were scarce of Kura, but of course not on Planet SSARG.

—The Police of Slug, were always telling the people, saying: their government was for the people by the people—thus democracy was born, but not signifying exactly what people wanted per se [perhaps brain washed], and even though it was not considered as great of an achievement as they wanted, it was significant none the less in what they had.

There were other rules that were under question by the so called Anti-Abolitionist of Kura: the two that most provoked were by the women of Slug, where the man was allowed—and often took advantage of this law—allowed to pullback the hair of his mate, if she was resistant in making love, and should he die mysteriously one night by the wife’s rebellious behavior, she was to be buried alive with her mate. The third laws in question was that the Citanalalits, that super power race had the right to take at will, whomever they wished, be it: wife, daughter, son, whomever they wished for lustful intentions.

The city of Kura, was well known through out the lands, as “The City of the Great Tower,” which was on the edge of the Sinister Sea, yet during its existence, that was all dried up, perhaps dried up for centuries upon centuries, no one knew the cause or the whys behind it, it just was, always was. The Citanalalits had their acropolis on an island of the Great Deep, some five-hundred miles from the Great Tower of Kura.

This great tower was said to have been created by the supernatural force of the Citanalalits (their giant children), prior to some great upheaval that took place eons ago. The super race had left and come back after several centuries, perhaps to see what was left of the Tower, which was really a landmark, and of the populist of the orb, and decided to stay: no giants had survived as they knew of.

It was a location in the Black Galaxy where Siren the Great had visited with Rognat, and Tangor, visited I say, refueled and went on their way, it was within line of SSARG, Retina, and Toso. A place even King Nirut, had stopped to refuel: yet no one tried to assert their agenda on them in that, they feared for their lives should they speak against the government of Kura. The aliens were too powerful.

It was a desert now, a plateau and the Great Tower of Kura. It rested on the edge of a desert, what was no a desert, that wasn’t one at one time, indented with terrain that would someday make a great sea—if indeed that was still possible, should the boarders of the continents be split, between the Acropolis and the Great Tower that is. Not connecting, but there was a five-hundred mile gap between the two; it this would happen it would lower the Great Deep, and flood the old Sinister Sea.

But I’m ahead of my dream-story, ——Kura, the powerful and mighty economic city-state called: “The Great City Tower,” is where I wish to remain.

As I was about to say, in the middle of the city of Kura, in its very center, its nerve, otherwise known as its ‘navel,’ stood this nine-thousand foot tower—that pert near touched the clouds, two-thousand feet deep into the soil of the planet. Its circumference close to seven-thousand feet: yes, a deep rooted structure, with ten-thousand doors, and rooms, that was planted, pushed deep into the crust of the planet to secure for centuries. It was a marvel, a tribute to the planet, and now many so called visitors or tourists came to see the great tower, the one that existed before their time; the ancient site that no Slug or a thousand, or ten-thousand could build, that only the knowledge and might of the Acropolis super race could build.

It was the greatest of landmarks in the Universe, higher than the Pyramids of Egypt, stronger stone the walls of Stonehenge, more durable than the Sphinx, more marble than the Taj Ma Hal. Who could boast a mightier beacon such as this? Yet this symbol was not of hope or for one to look forward to, on behalf of Kura, rather the opposite, it was an encouragement to be subdued, should anyone thing otherwise, the tower was a reminder of the people who built it. Even Siren the Great, was impressed, when she had visited the landmark.

The City Fortress of Kura

Within this city-fortress, that spread out like the sun’s rays from the implanted tower, were 430,000-city inhabitants, of which 75,000 were-slaves who lived and ate and gossiped and tolerated the rules from the Acropolis that ruled from island on Great Deep, that is, employed slaves with no wages other than time to spend until they earned their freedom, thus joining the democracy, the democracy that said they had to be in a slave-status. All the people—as if it was a draft—new they had to serve two years in slavery upon their sixteenth-birthday. And if not, how could an economy grow prosperous—it was beyond their comprehension, it was an unanswerable question, and pleasing to the Acropolis Group if there every was an agreeable answered, which had there been, it wouldn’t have been allowed to have been pointed out anyhow. It was a question never brought up after its law was implanted into civilization. The only way to get out of it was to buy your way out before you got in. And should you commit any infractions during your servitude, your time could be extended. The government could use your time and services, or you could be auctioned off by the government to the populist for commodities needed. In essence, you did as you were told under this democratic-bondage [this was a government: for the people by the people, so it was said, but what was meant was free labor for economic purposes, instead of an army that would spoil and use up all ones resources on war trying to free its people, free labor for a two year period was better for the populace, and for the commanding army five hundred miles away, and all were the better for it, so the population and the Acropolis felt].

The Deity

There was, as you may have already come to this conclusion, no deity — to speak of in this order. The term for God, or deity, was never used, not after the Great Upheaval, not by the governing group from the Acropolis, not out loud in Kura for the most part. If there was a supernatural being, very little was known of him, and where he was?

If there was a secret society, it was taken out of the text that was found, that the philosopher, Shark the First found, that somehow might have fallen out of a crevice of the old Kura Tower, it was said, and loosely said, Shark hand found one, and evidently put back its clay and mortar and brick, back in place so no one would be the wiser in knowing that he had found a library in the tower that was forbidden to enter, that hand ten-thousand rooms.

No one saw Shark for the most part, a hermit sort of who traveled the lands of the Sinister Desert, and if they saw him nothing was said of the manuscript, and the Acropolis Group felt it was better left alone as long as he kept his mouth shut, lets he be provoked and start a religion of sorts that would take hold, as on Earth, and thus, wars fought over this and or that belief—all in the name of a deity now one has seen, or if seen, a few, this kind of destruction they predicted, would be worse than theirs. And if Shark had this secret society, and it wasn’t popular, and there was no talk about it, again, it was better left alone: why, because everyone would think they new the mind of God.

On the other hand, there were rumors of course, of a God long ago before the so called super beings appeared, but then, there are always such things, such roomers, but as the police would remind the people: “Out of sight out of mind: you see the Great Tower of Kura, you don’t see a deity do you? Where is he, why does he not show his face?” Had you asked Shark he would have had an answer, not saying he believed in one or not, but he’d have an answer, and it would have been, “If he showed up, you’d faint, or be disintegrate by his appearance, it is best you don’t wish for something you can’t control.”

And so, there was not a God or a Devil or for that matter politicians, not even a military—just two-hundred super beings that controlled this whole world.

Narn the Cobbler

Narn was but a child when he witnessed the Great Tower, and placed within his camp, for at that time it was not a city, rather a military camp, this was of course, before the Capital City of Kura was as large as it was this day, Narn was now 115-years old, a cobbler by trade. The military camp was back then, governed by the Acropolis Aliens and the Tower needed some repairs. He was the only one ever allowed inside the tower perhaps that is how that loose brick became loose for Shark I.

The tower was brought built by the giants who were the children of the Citanalalits sons of the supernatural beings, whom were destroyed after the tower was built. They were fed by the surrounding inhabitants.

Fed sows and cows and every living beast and thing available until the tower was in place. The Great Upheaval destroyed them, but not the Tower.

The giants of the day had at times become so hungry, they ate the populist, man, woman and child, whom could not bring them food quick enough. Some were so huge; they reached as high as six-hundred feet tall, others on the lower scale, measured as did their fathers, seven to thirteen feet tall, a few reached seventeen feet tall

But whatever their fate would be, the great structure was made without one chip, nor was it capable of rusting or becoming salt eaten from the great sea that lay beyond their reach, and was to fill this gully, to become one day a desert, that did after the upheaval become a desert.

And so this once military site became a city in the makings.

As time went on the military camp grew into the city of Kura, so Narn grew old, yet not necessary weak, or feeble but like all of his race, old age occurred between 200 and 250 years, so at 175-years of age which now were are now up to date, he was but not an old, old, man but past his prime, and still working on the Tower, inside the tower, its beams, rafters, things of wood. It was even somewhat common for those outside of the city to live to the age of 350-years.

It would not be for a time yet, when this no Godless world would have change in attitude, and inherit a deity.

Narn, had inherited from his father the only, and I say only in the highest regards, the only house that was allowed to be attached onto the Great Tower. None other, no other permanent fixture was ever connected to the tower, only this one room shack of a house, made of brick, stone and wood, one door out, and one door leading into the tower, and two guards at the front door of the shack to enforce the rule of no entry. It measured two-hundred square feet, small in every respect. Norn’s father had helped him built the house, and was allowed to use it while helping his son with caring supplies for the tower, lumber and nails and so forth, but not allowed inside the tower, never. Should he enter it, there would be a death-warrant for him, and henceforth, more fertilizer for the gardens of Kura.

Much knowledge was buried with the forefathers of this world, and all the annuals of it was placed within several sections of the Tower, Norm played a risk, he took out many of these documents and allowed Shark to read them, then placed them back. And now one for forty-years was the wiser. They talked about “The Age of Terror,” dealing with the Giants; about “The Golden Age,” when a God came down and talked to the people, the “Lost Age,” when the world was full of primitives. And now it talked of their age, “The Age of the Tower of Kura,” of the two-hundred super beings, who they were. And they were a group of angelic renegades, those who were assigned to the planet to watch over it, to insure no harm came to its population, but they had violated it, and during the upheaval, ran to another planet, in the Milky Way, when thrown off that planet, came back here, of which only fifty was left of that two hundred and acquired another one hundred and fifty from the moon planet of Cibara, near planet SSARG.

So yes, out of the “The Age of Terror,” and war and a Great Tower, a civilization was born, one that reckoned to slavery for two years, but none the less, a city was born. And as the city grew, neighbors from all around the globe came to see the Great Tower of Kura, and the little house that became a world pilgrimage site, and souvenirs were created of the Great Tower, and interest grew of what the tower kept, dangerous the people were becoming, the Acropolis had built more than a landmark, but a god. And would the super power have to dethrone the kings and generals of Kura to keep their secret within the confines of those great tower walls? Norn was now zigzagging throughout the rooms of the tower, taking notes, giving them to Shark I, and his son, Shark the II, writing them down for posterity sake. And the leaders of the Acropolis dare not start a revolution, and kill Norn if indeed they could prove he was doing this.

And then after his death, and his father’s death, and Shark I’s death, Shark II, proclaimed he found old manuscripts in the great cliffs along the Sinister Desert Walls, in a cave, and he started a group, and the supernatural beings on the island, that held their Acropolis, came to challenge the scriptures.

The Great War

And then came the great war, and everyone somehow, was looking for the God, the scriptures talked about, the one they never knew, the one they pushed aside so long ago, it became a legend, the one they now said:

“Yes, I did hear of Him.”

The one they were forbidden to talk about, they all knew him now, they must have, they were praying to Him to rid their lives of this entity that ruled the Acropolis—entities that is. Some were praying to the Tower God, while others were rapping and killing at will: one thing lead to another and another, as if the world was coming to an end, and doing what they always wanted to do, but in fear of reprisal, held off. And the supernatural beings would not stop it this time, they knew if they did, if they tried, they’d have to kill all of them because they had found a cause, a God that had not shown his face yet…I say yet, because their decision would be fatal, any which way they moved. In fear of something, these great ancient warriors, destroyed the tower, sank the island into the Great Deep, and this supernatural race, was no more. They had left the same way they had arrived, as if out of nowhere, unless they became invisible, but they destroyed all the records destroyable.

The Milky Way Galaxy