Friday, March 9, 2012

Donkeyland, a Side Street Saga

Donkeyland, a Side Street Saga, 1960s

Grandpa’s House
[The Old House on Cayuga Street]

The house needed painting
Sun-blistered and flaking
Grandpa started to have us
Doing some scraping—
While he, pealed off the ole
Paint, and started painting…
Just a humble wooden house
With several rooms, but
Strong enough to keep the
Winds and winter snows out!
How he loved that ole house!...
An’ his well-kept yard, which
Contained lilac bushes, and
Big shade trees; where birds
And squirrels lived—season
To season, scattered on…
Branches—they looked like
Play things
(back in the 50s & 50s)

#807 8/18/05