Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Theme of a World Traitor

Under the influence of the highest offices of America: FBI, CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Oval Office, and conglomerate of other offices and individuals, America, since the late 1950s, has become the world manufacture, contriver and embellisher of what might be pleasing to the eye, if not graceful with its mysteries. In this small brief, details, adjustments are lacking, but the history is there, perhaps not all revealed, but dimly perceived, if you look for it. The actions of America transpire in oil rich countries, oppressed and stubborn countries, in countries that are united with America, such as NATO countries, etcetera; we even deal with our enemies. We are the executioner, the inventor, the dramatist. Let us say for purposes, since the middle half of the 20th Century, we’ve been this and more—the best actors in the world. I will be the narrator.

America, the Promised Land, also the biggest conspirator the world has yet to produce; a secret and glorious government, for the people but no longer by the people. Yet she is victorious—with all its premeditated and conjured deletions, generalizations, and distortions—to find her scrupulous destiny, to fool, redeem and condemn her taxpayers. The circumstances of her crimes are unknowable, but far reaching—deeds of her own improvisation, like a popular drama unfolding day by day, every word she says is prearranged.
She presently is engaged in compiling a stack of heroes, to cover up her indecipherable mysteries, assassinations (her violated blood) —and the world is her theater.
With all her resources, who could scarcely articulate between the bloods she sheds, and the blood she needs to shed, it is all under the umbrella of National Security. Hopefully in the future, people might realize the truth of her dealings, her plans. She now keeps silent her discoveries, her deeds. But no doubt, as the world turns and minds mature, it can be foreseen, the glory of her heroes are the publishers of comics, more so than real heroes.
Let me put this plain and simple: nobody is a hero into day’s wars. They are simply a staggered series of bloody acts between them and us: we point fingers, but that is for a purpose, to take attention off our evil thoughts.
For example the murder of JFK and the failure of the police, FBI, CIA to bring anyone thus far to neither justice nor do they have any intentions to. If the government can cover that up, what can’t they cover up?
Another example is our space program, what do we really know about them? Are they really war programs?
We have two wars going on simultaneously as I write. Iraq has cost us so far, $700-billion dollars. Look at our hero’s remains—guess their identity, none of us know them. If they died for anything it is the adventurer in them they die for. America doesn’t need anymore corpuses for those two wars; and for Iraq, they never did. Our boys are sent to a colorless desert, to a hatful people, with beards and grey eyes and we will never please them.
Our presidents are like Julius Caesar’s—treason, or is it traitor —they say one thing and do another; they collaborate with the devil men while we are sleeping. There is no need to look for the guilty, the beast is already split open, it has a deep stab would, we all know, as they all know, reality may be avoided, we are the beast, you and I and them. Here lies dead so and so, now we got our oil, a purely ill-humouredly explanation but it will do, the president says “It is for the interest of the United States!” And with the American flag, and bright lights, and a well written speech, they capture man, as they stab him in the back, and everything is unknown, secret, National Security, and believe it or not, they sleep well—like the lion who has no God.
Likened to the Senate, who produce false and anonymous rumors throughout our land (the media is pretty good at that also), and the movie stars that runs to the United Nations to put on their show, that know so little about what they are doing on that political stage, act as part of the divine nomenclature of the Pentateuch.
On the other hand, Congress repeats itself over and over, they have the character of Hesiod, trying to make gold out of iron, or is it oil out of sand, to buy gold with? In the process, transmigration of their souls, likened to the Britannic Druids. They put the common American into a labyrinth, tell him he is safe and saved in America, as they at the same time plunge him deeper into the inextricable abyss beneath the labyrinth, where no one understands anyone, as at the Tower of Babel; but all the better for the powerful. Now they got the common person, into their way of thinking, their hypotheses, at the same time, saying to the people: “I’m only a poor Christian like you!”
The crimes of America belong to the history of the world, the very timid world that surrounds her. There is no answer to this paper; therefore I shall leave you with the following inconclusive sentence:

The name of the guilty country has been spoken (and there are many more among her that has not been spoken to…)

No: 834 (11-6-2011)