Friday, February 25, 2011

The Rogue Files (File One)

The Rogue Files
(A Look at God, Man, the Devil and the Scientist) File One

Part One of Two: The Rogues

The Big Bang

It flows naturally, the evidence that surrounds us, we did not appear by chance and then simply become the dominate species of the planet, we are profoundly molded in every detail down to the blinking of our eyes; orphans we may be in this vast Universe, but not forgotten. Why are we so favored as a species? Or are we? Let’s take a look at it.
What we are here describing, or trying to define, or at least look at with an objective eye—in an over simplification—is the first and last incarnation—scientists call it the Big Bang—I call it, the Clap of God’s Eye. We differ you see, and the Devil don’t like that— Also, mixed with this Big Bang, is Evolution.

We seem so ordinary to the scientist, as if they know something we don’t know about the Universe—and they know many things, and perhaps that’s part of the problem, they are so congested, they live in a fog. You can fool the masses much easier than the individual, this is a proven fact, and we got Obama for a president, don’t we, and he has proven that—and so has the scientist—in the long run, but we are a little more than ordinary, as they would have us be—
Anyhow, what seems chaotic out there has plenty of room to draw order back into it. Actually I’m in a way defining the second Law of Thermodynamics, disorder creates order—but we must jump out of the Galaxy for the bigger picture—and the scientist would say, gravity is the main force of this order. They can’t prove how all the gradational forces came to balance, but their best guess would be, by chance, an accident, and ten-billion years of roustabout. If you believe that, I’ve got some unsinkable and dry land in the Everglades for sale.

God or the Scientists

(Behavior) We need not look at social consequences, or make all behavior relative, as a standard of morality, according to God’s Ten Commandments anyhow, any longer, they’re too strict: although God has already put this rationalization, this primitive element of thinking into man, into us long ago, although he did give us the Commandments thereafter, simply to show us we couldn’t keep them, we needed Him: but what does science come along with: call it scientific creationism, earth’s new hypothesis—reason is credited by scientific guesses that is—we no longer need God, because Scientists can make the rules better, or philosophers can. Thus, we have abortion, Gay marriages, all the things that were not acceptable, fifty years ago, is a go now. We took the Ten Commandments out of the Court Houses of the United States, and prayer out of the schools, and the bibles out of the hands of the Soldiers in the Middle East, American Soldiers, now what do we have—what do you expect to come from all this—a Godless country, no longer blessed by God, and I fear, we’ll are in for a storm, we can only blame Science for this.

(God or the Scientists) This is the new way of thinking: God is a fossil.
There is very little science out there—observational science that would be admissible, that would stand up to a strict test for critical thinkers—especially to dedicate one’s life to, in supporting a ‘No God theory,’ Even Einstein would agree with that.
The new generation of scientists think because the U.S. Congress have chosen to validate evolution, and its scientific foundation, in eliminating God from the basic idea of creation, the other six-billion plus, inhabitants of earth, should follow. Sadly, we have elected these, ungodly, spokes persons to speak for us, we are to blame, and now we got what we never thought we’d have, a validated credo written is stone, that we are nothing more than a mutation, accident, and when the lights go out, that’s it baby. Obama has blown out the last flickers of the once lit Christian Torch in America, now everything is dim; we’re afraid to say we’re true Christians, we could take a lesson from Islam, and have some backbone.

Part Two of Two: Magical Thinking
(The Devil, God and the Scientists)

Anyhow, let me continue. This new science is really magical thinking, in time; mice will grow as tall as giraffes, that disobedience to the scientific way of thinking, means remaining in the Dark Ages—this is being implanted into man’s minds right now. I think, the Scientists are thinking, let’s try implanting a mutation into the water system—blunt it may sound, but the goal is to have the wild cats eat the rabbits, thus, less work for them.
Science, modern science is transfixed by its comic view, all the rapping minds trying to reveal the hidden component of life, the human component, that makes humans different—angry they still have to have God in the picture. In essence, it is the old magical trick, pulling the rabbit out of the hat thing, where did it come from? Nowhere, that’s their angle, we all came from nowhere. But we all know where the rabbit is, if we unclothe the trickster, we’ll find the rabbit—trick solved. You see, nothing comes from nothing—and we are here, and we all know that, but science wants to make us believe in the unbelievable.
You see if we tell someone something long enough, they start to believe in it. It is kind of like telling someone they like spaghetti as a kid, and when they grow up they say “I like spaghetti,” but in reality they don’t, they never have, and never will, and once they’re mature enough to realize this, to figure it out, that someone has lead them to believe in this, they’ll throw it away. It is the old saying: if you let someone lead you blindly, they will blindly lead you but it will not be to your best interests, it’s called ‘self-interest’.
So science makes this complex situation, more complex, you see they are not as advanced as they proclaim to be. What keeps the evolutionary theory alive? Because the scientific objective and its testing falter; think about it, ask the same question. Something does. My guess is the spirit behind it, the uncompromising push of the scientist—and who is behind him, or her, my guess is—and it should be just as good a guess as the scientists—immortal motivation, the magic thinker.
As for the earthly scientists, I’d say it was immature motivation. I say to myself: “No one really believes the fullness of Evolution, do they?” I mean there are a few simple tests to this way of thinking. One might be: “Can an ape write a coherent sentence?” I mean this would be to me, magical, yet so simple for a ten year old human boy or girl to do. How about, “Can a chicken salute a General?” I don’t think so, this is even simpler. I’m not trying to be funny, but realistic. This is what the scientists want us to believe.
Now let’s take this one step further. The scientist would say, “We have hands, and the chicken doesn’t.” How true this is, so is it the hands or the brain that makes man, makes the human being? Let’s put it another way, the hands and the brain make man’s technology, so if we gave the chicken hands, like raccoons, and make it upright like bonobos, we simply got a freak of nature, dumber—or at least dumber looking, than what we had started out with. In other words, I don’t think God wanted them to experiment in free capitalism. That is, exchanging or bartering one thing for another. Not found in any other creature but humans. But science will always come up with a trick, Satan does the same thing, he’ll say, Chimpanzees barter for sex, and they do. Now they got a human trait. But perhaps that’s not a human trait, I’d think it was a learned one, and perchance it was learned by our forefathers over in Africa observing the Chimpanzees at work, somewhere along that line; it is surely not a God given trait.
You see, many humans act like animals, we all know this—as the saying goes. But that is by definition, to prove the point would you let a kangaroo run for president, or political office, no one in their right mind would. We call people pigs for many reasons, but they are not pigs. So all this comparison means nothing in the long run, just echoes to remind man—by the scientists, we are really worms in their definition.

Article (2-25-2011)