Friday, February 4, 2011

Poseidon's Birth ((a Chapter story)(revised, 2011))

Poseidon’s Birth
(Or, ‘Immortal Minds and Qin’)

Part IX to “The Tales of Port Poseidonia”
(soon to be a book, 2012, I hope)

The Keepers

The sacred art, of solar science of the ancients, understanding the effects of the sun on the earth to include: affairs, fertility and personality, were the duties of the “Keepers” of this science, the immortals, once born into humanities realm [the Feathered Serpents, Qin being one of them, a shaman of sorts]. The information was encoded into the Keepers cranium and his imperishable soul at birth.

This information was concealed by numbers, pictures and stories to preserve the hidden knowledge to the mythological story, for future times: and future civilizations, such as, Atlantis, who was the most worshipped of all nations, who claimed to have the highest and most powerful of the god’s, whom where their protectors, during those far-off days.
In the simplest sense, the eagle of Atlantis displayed the ‘spirit of the sky,’ and the serpent ‘reincarnation’ the shedding of he skin of the snake, and then we have the ‘Feathered Snake’, the perfect being, the Atlanteon, the Prophet, the Keeper, so it was thought: whom was the sun itself; thus, this person ’The Keeper’ could do miracles, like the Moches of Peru.
Hence, these “Feathered Serpents,” performed miracles (magical seers as might have been referred as, in those far-off days, prophets of sorts, nowadays) and upon their death they would go to the brightest star, so it was said. This was what was handed down to the people and this was the known truth of the day.


It was Poseidon’s mother, and Phrygian’s grandmother [Neuch] who witnessed a great burst of light in the sky over the Acropolis of Atlantis (Phrygian was not born yet, the future King of Atlantis). But he was told the story many times, and remembered it quite well, which is:

Lighting lit up the whole Port of Poseidonia that day, somehow, someone while your grandmother was asleep, had gotten to your mother, she became pregnant after sixteen-months, thus giving birth Poseidon, whom could speak three languages that had only taken him three days to learn. His birth was almost dragon like, save for his eyes. He could command demons and giants at an early age, which he did and in so doing, they helped build the Acropolis there at Atlantis, and they help build the Port of Poseidonia likewise. They say one of the Watchers, Azaz’el, got her pregnant, one of the angelic renegades from God’s elite regiment, to leave his abode to live on earth, and cohabitate with womanly flesh. He defined the Almighty; and even invented the long cone hat for the Atlanteon, which would be worn for a thousand years to come, if not two or three.

Poseidon left the kingdom well equipped for Phrygian, the city had glorious obelisks, with carved designs on them, and gold and ivory covered tips, some glorified with other precious stones. And a maze of channels, that circled the acropolis. The kingdom was the glory of the known world when Phrygian inherited it.


Phrygian now in the catacombs on the Dark side of Hades was wondering why he was for all time sake, thinking of Atlantis, pert near every minute it was Atlantis on his mind, and Ais (his ex-wife), and sometimes his first love Lailis, he wondered where she had gone, ended up, for she had died an early death. He had been in Shoal many years now. And he could go off at times for days or weeks daydreaming of her and Atlantis. He was looking at each detail of his life, he had the time, and matter-of-fact he could go over each detail several times without concern. He knew in Hell there were degrees; and the Hordes of Hell, the main henchmen themselves had no control over which area the God of the Universe commanded a soul to go to, if indeed, he made a lawful command of it. If He said: ‘…go into the Ice Vaults of Hades,’ then it was up to Commander of Hordes to put him in that degree—he was compelled to lest he end up there; if He said, “The Lake of Fire,” then it was there he went—the everlasting furnace, likened to a lit volcano.
Phrygian was not, evidently was not, as bad as some of the kings who had entered Shoal, or Hades realm, for they were assigned to the brisk vaults where they made coats out of worms to keep themselves warm, there was seventy-two deaths in those deep embedded chambers within the crust of the earth. Oh, yes, let us not forget, Agaliarept, the Henchman of contingent of demonic soldiers, could go there and hassle them, but seldom did, no one in particular, wanted to go into the cold vaults or the horrific fires, other than watching, or dragging a soul to his domain. It was better by the docks or Mount Hades: and Agaliarept could use the cold vaults for punishment—nearly at his whim, but not eternal damnation.
At this point in time, Phrygian thought maybe it was about 225 BC, time stands still in Hades, as if you were in a hospital; it was said, or perhaps heard and then said, Roman echoes were drifting across the River Hades, to the pier area—seeping down the corridors—within the great walls of Hades fortress, which is right beyond the docks, that Rome now had a Republic; thus the Greek and Persian wars were over. The time of Gilgamesh had long past (2700 BC). So many ages had come and went since the King of Atlantis had entered his new and everlasting realm—The House of Hades, where they have the Feast of the Dogs, who eat flesh.
Qin, the Feathered Serpent (likened to Alexander’s wise man, and teacher, Aristotle), was his tutor, had been Phrygian’s tutor, who taught him all the things he’d need to know in time, in a life time, yet he did not teach him about Hades Realm.

Written 2006, reedited, 12-2011