Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eve of the Times (Commentary)

The world watched us across the serene and topless ramparts of the seven seas, for decades; we were the deaf, cigarette smoking, thumb and finger licking generations. Our women were stepping into the unbelievable rapidity of the decades, the changing ways of, the: ‘50s and ‘60s, which might have belonged to anybody for the taking. When the ‘60s came around, it was a decorous turn; although for some folks, harsh and sharp. From Elvis to the Beatles; from the Beat Generation, to Aquarius; from the slanting shades of the moon to complete blindness of the sun: the Beatnik, to the Hippie. The conservative girl, to the daisy loving couples of San Francisco (where I lived for a year in 1968-69), and New York City, and across the globe (lost are the days that female teens learn modesty, virginity, and industry, a crown to their future husbands) (and now are the days, the clergy put away the old stint, ‘For the Greater glory of God’)
       From the Korean War, right on to Vietnam; the devil owned the earth, and he became rich, because he had two peers trying to outdo the other: hence, he only had to wait and see, not even see, he knew when he stirred the pot of crickets, how it would turn out; let me explain: the ‘40s, don’t count, the devil had that in his back pocket, ever since WWI; that is to say, they were either preparing to go to war, or actually going to war, or one was ending and the other gearing up. You see, the devil took WWI, testing the water for WWII.  And then came the Korean War, and then the Vietnam War, which was a simple task (we learned from Japan and China, and the Philippines, we could fight in Asian Waters): war creates jobs, millionaires, billionaires, and the farther away from home the better: in devilish dialectal, it is called: prosperity (or the new invention of evil, to create more and better evil), the very thing Christians and Muslims, and Hindus and all the other religions of the world, sway towards, sooner or later. 
       These last two wars, were a steppingstone of more evil to be: one war for oil, also called black gold,  and prosperity, the other out of revenge, which also was used to push industry into high gear, calling it ‘Reconstruction’, and making more millionaires: Iraq, and Afghanistan: all steppingstones to WWIII, otherwise known as Armageddon. 
       You see, the Devil (the brown lean lizard) thinks like King Nimrod who was building the Tower of Babel: a brick, one brick, is worth more than a human life: “Therefore,” says the Devil, “give them bricks of gold, shinning or black, it don’t matter, and that’ll turn men into beasts, and I’ll have their souls.”  
       Today is the devil’s harvest, it has come to that: to men marrying men, and women marrying women. And remember how we all were surprised when they passed the abortion rights, in the ‘70s, the so called in-between decade. Because none of us thought it would come up so soon. And then Evolution, took over Creationism, in schools: when that happened we all sat with our heads bent a little.  And the Devil crackled, tittle-tattle with his ears, dancing like geese do. And Obama hid behind Christendom so skillfully, that when he became president, he did everything, every true Christian would never do, we all were quizzical—what happened?  Like a letter in the post office, once lost then found, the envelope might look like any other one but when we opened it …we found out the holy can be fooled, by the sinful quickly, quicker because they are holy.
       No, the engagement was over, Satan had his full, that being, no more waiting, and down came the towers in New York City, now called 9/11. We had all thought America strong enough for such yet, but when it happened we were like an anonymous child lost in the post office.  God stopped playing watchdog for America. It was not good, but perhaps, as the old saying goes: no pain, no gain, or why rake dead leaves.  It was all quite sudden, we were all surprised, but truth be told, the more evil we become, the more evil we are susceptible to. It was like America was helpless against sin, and now God was not giving her any aid. “Tick, tick,” goes the clock. A country without God’s grace is a dead country, like those dead leaves. Was it a trial, American’s punishment for having been too lenient with her morals? And I doubt the punishment is over if indeed it was a punishment: Satan’s harvest is yet to be, has not even begun, not yet! And still we defy.  Have we not learned the lessons of: Babylon and Greece, whom became paupers, as did Rome, and most all the other great powers of the world in ancient times, to include the Egyptians:  who were great powers of the world at one time or another, they all became paupers: who never learned modesty or seemliness, forgetting Godliness; and now, America has lost her destination, her destiny, her honesty, who can believe her? She lost this and a lot more along the way, and: “Tick, tick,” goes the clock.

No: 1023 (1-8-2014)              Commentary