Friday, April 5, 2013

“Wake up!”

“Wake up!”  Why do you keep on sleeping?
Night is over, are you ill?
Do you not know, other people have bought and sold
       some have even found treasures…?
You have not even made your bed, instead you spend your
       life, sleeping, drinking playing—
Living at home with your parents, bellyaching—now past
       thirty, closer to forty…
And you have not grown because you have not moved.
“Wake up!” Soon you will be retirement age, and have not
       even a bed: and your parents will be dead.
Do you not know God will make you accountable for every
       hour you’ve lived?

#3790 (3-28-2013) /Poems one through six were inspired in part by revving, reviewing and reversing,   insights by Kabir, whom was a Spiritual Poet, with a  Moslem and Hindu background in traditions, lived in the 15th Century, and lived to be 118-years old, so it is said.

For Paul, Fernando and Jessica