Thursday, September 13, 2012

Iran Nuclear Threat

(Silly Views by Silly Commentators)

It is hard for these folks, journalists, writing commentators, and surely those who have never faced war, like Bill Keller, and James Carroll, for the New York Times, to give cheap if not silly advice on Iranian containment, for Iranian containment that is, or at least advocating it. What I believe America or Israel should do, of which Israel perhaps can no longer do without the United States because they’ve delayed too long, is stop thinking like Americans, think like Islamic- Hitlerism, that is to say: don’t think rational, logical, they think in impracticalities, Saddam would rather drain all his oil fields, or burn them up than give them to his people or let the world have them.  Is this practical thinking? Napoleon would have rather seen half his army decapitated than give one inch of ground. Stalin killed 40-million citizens without a blink of an eye. Hitler was responsible for 80-million deaths. What makes these commentators think Iran will not use the big bomb? Thus, we should do what we did in Iraq, knowing this time, there are nuclear substance laying about, we should make a full-scale invasion of Iran, occupy it, blow the daylights out of their nuclear program, Ike would have done that, actually he threatened  to use the big bomb on Iran if they’d not step in line, check your history books.  We have a real threat here.  In consequence, we’d additional solve a few more of the world aches and pains: Hezbollah would dry up some; a nuclear arms race in that area would halt; Israel could step down from being on a 24-hour alert. Obama-ism, which is really, passivism, is simply because he is out of sorts, a man of no military rank, who said “Hell with America,” what can you expect with such a man; a man whose Christianity is no more than a Voodooist.  Plus, Syria would stop getting their military rations from Iran, and there’d not be anymore clashes across the border with Americans in Iraq. To put it into a theological tone, had Satan, or Lucifer, not been harnessed by God, that is to say, had he completely been let loose to do at will whatever he wanted to or was capable of doing: man would have been destroyed—totally, and that is how we got to think of this kind of mindset with the leaders in Iran, that runs through Iran veins, and perhaps those that think like Iran: lest we want to be back in the trees with the monkeys.

By Dr. Dennis L. Siluk
Commentary, Journalist (Peru)
Vietnam Veteran