Friday, February 3, 2012

The Arms of Heaven

(From: "The Books behind Methuselah")((Written: 1656-years After Adam)

It is said by Enoch and Methuselah that men came into the world in the time of the shadow of the serpent, and they fell swiftly under his dominion; for he sent his emissaries among them: Azaz’el (Angelic Watcher), Lilith & Asmodeus (Lilith married Asmodeus, the king of Demons), Agaliarept (The Henchman of Hell or Sheol) Naamah (the angelic whore of heaven conceived while Adam was married to Lilith), Nephilim (decedents of the Watchers, the Giants of Old), King Og (King of the Nephilim).The Nachash
or, Burning Ones, Shinning Ones (equal to the serpents, originally from the Angelic order, a very High order, said to have had sexual relations with Eve, which produced Cain, and the seed that infected Adam’s line thereafter) and the Goat like Demon, to mention a few. And they all listened to this evil one and his cunning words, and they worshipped the foundation of the demonic world, and feared it. But there were a number of those who turned from evil and left the lands of their kindred, and kept their distance; for they knew of a rumor, that being, Yahweh was going to dim the world with the arms of heaven; these were the days of Methuselah, of which he lived 969-years.
The servants of the Nachash, pursued them with abhorrence, and their lives were short and hard, Enoch hid in caves, and Methuselah, the son of Enoch became king of those who followed Yahweh. And there was war among the Giants, the Sons of the Watchers, and war among the common men, and there were great deeds of velour.
And in those last days before Yahweh was going to dim the world, it was written in the ‘Books of Methuselah’ of which he copied from his father’s 365-scrolls, it told how at the last, victory of Nachash was almost complete, whereupon, Noah, the grandson of Methuselah, built a ship, and people laughed at him for how could he take a voyage upon the unassailable sands of which his ship rested.
Yet Noah desired to speak before the powers of the earth on behalf of Yahweh, that he might have pity on them. But he achieved not his quest after long labors and many threats, and their came a host of kings who had scoured him, for arrogant assumption.
Thus, the Great Flood came, and Nachash was overthrown and the earth broken and men fought to get into the great ship that Noah had built. Evil men, who were still untamed and lawless, refusing the command to cast away the shadow of the serpent, and the fear of the demonic world, but they stayed with their kings: forsook a time of grace, refused the summons of Yahweh, to dwell in darkness: and as a result, demons and dragons, and misshaped men-beasts, and all mockeries of Yahweh, perished, the whole lot of mankind unsaved.

But Yahweh put forth his Seraphim (The highest known rank of angels) and shut the Watchers, beyond the world, in the Prison House for Angelic Beings (beyond Orion), that is without, light, and they cannot themselves return again into the world present and visible, yet some fled to be enthroned, on other worlds, such as Enceladus (Saturn’s moon) Europa
(Contained by Aliens: Jumper’s moon), and other places among the stars. Yet the seeds that they had planted still grew and sprouted, after the flood, the Nephilim (decedents of the Watchers, the Giants of Old were still among the world’s order), bearing evil fruit, and many did tend them. For it was King Og, who hid in Noah’s ship, and guided his giant servants, moving them ever towards spoil and battle, the will of their forefathers, and Nachash, the evil serpent. And those after the flood, who did not follow, or obey them, were destroyed.
The kings of those lands knew full well, they had counsel concerning the ages before, and now after, Gilgamesh among them ((half human, and of half supernatural: born of the demonic race, a hybrid of the Watchers)(a Sumerian: and as most Sumerians believed in those far-off days, to be from a supernatural origin)).
And there was in that land a haven, know as the Circle of Refaim, where a caste of giants lived, as well as in Jericho, the clan being Rephaim (among others), whose name came from Rapha, a noble one among them, the father of many giants, faithful; he came to them and taught them, and he gave them wisdom and power and life a mortal race that possessed the sins of their forefathers.

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