Saturday, January 7, 2012


Earth’s Destruction and War on Humanity

[A reality or not?]

Writings of Dr. D.L. Siluk
March, 2006, revised and reedited, 11/29/2011

Scientists are saying an asteroid has appeared in the far out reaches of outer space, they have documented it, and expect it to crossover or hit Planet Earth, in the year, 2019 (this now is old news, stemming from a decade ago).
Carl Sagan had mentioned something like that in one of his books. The asteroid is a monstrously big one, larger than the earth; if indeed, this is the case, there of course would will be no more earth. After looking at this subject closer, I had come to the conclusion this is not all gobbledygook.

In 1984, I saw in one of my over fifty visions (reference is made to my book: “The Last Trumpet, and the Woodbridge Demon”) an asteroid zooming through two great bodies, such as, possibly two planets; one planet smaller than the other one. The asteroid looked rocky and big.
I didn’t see the asteroid hit the earth, therefore, could it have possibly zoom by it? If so, the result might be, causing friction on the earth like the moon does, and an earth-crust movement, which would alter our poles, perhaps the same way it did 12,000-years ago, moving the North Pole to a new location: being that it once once more so in the Hudson Bay area? Consequently, this could be another such movement. On the other hand, perhaps the South Pole was more centralized in the Atlantic Ocean than it is today, twelve thousand years ago, who’s to say.
And so for the most part I agree with the scientists and Mr. Sagan with this highly, and likely possibility of a worldwide disaster in the waiting: although I never thought much of Sagon’s outlook on things, and books, yet this concept does have a tinge of reality to it. Biblically speaking, the earth may endure, but will live on...
Should we live to see this asteroid zoom by the earth, a giant earthquake (s), would take place: in consequence, the world would be darkened for three to four months with the fallout? Also this could trigger the earth’s axis to wobble more, or stretch too far—this I sense is more likely.
Should any of this take places, having now a global civilization that depends on technology so much, it very well could be a prescription for disaster, and all of us sent back to the Dark Ages.