Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two Poems of Vividness and Force

Ode to the Tender Grape

I am sick, of hate (and)
I am sick, of love…
I wait until day breaks
Until the shadows stray away (to go my own way)
It is safer that way—
This is the voice of a tired old man.
We look to love for everything
And when we receive it, it is less than nothing—;
The pessimist warns: “All are evil women!”
or, “All are evil men!”
Neither one knows the way of the condor in the air,
Or, the scorpion on a desert rock—
How then can either one know, ever know,
the way of the heart?
Perhaps it is better to marry than to burn
(as it has been said, and written)
And rejoice at the lack of understanding,
And let her and him love as they please! Let their
Bodies be one’s reward; relish in the day and moment
And let love and hate—bitter as they can be—
Drink early to late, staring at one another’s face—
In some lonely vineyard—with the tender grape!

Note: an ode is a lyric poem in essence, usually celebrating someone or something, often addressed to its subject. In this case exalting the grape, to keep love and hate, busy, avoiding its destructive powers. No: 3044 (8-30-2011)

America Forsaken
(In Poetic Prose)

Why does America flourish and ignore and blaspheme God? (And fitfully Europe too…) Why else do most other countries of the world eat dust, live in desolation, captivity?
Why, why, why? What can one say of such a God?

America no longer retains its piety to God; perhaps that is why He has allowed Satan to heap a variety of calamities upon her (trying to call her back!)
In time her fortitude will break (internally throughout and worldwide), she will within her inners—commit suicide, and she will bitterly reproach God, for forsaking her.

And I heard God’s words, from the echoes of His angels:

“You are the people, wisdom has died inside of. I gave you abundantly. My eyes have seen all; you are no longer of any value. There is no longer hope in that you will sprout again.
Thus, I give you over to my Adversary. If you prosper, it is by his wishes, his darkeneth counsel. Grind up now your loins, for He will soon demand of thee, he has laid the foundations—thereof, know a thick darkness has entered through your gates, and death be opened unto thee!”

No: 3045 (8-30-2011)