Friday, September 2, 2011

Three Dark Poems (In Parts Spanish)

Song of Absence
[Dedicated to the: Raphiam Giants]

'T was far absent, 't was far missing,
Untamed aloft in a night long past!
‘T is but a few hours left to pass,
You then will see thy face by day.

'T was long-ago, 't was long past,
We ruled thee during your untied era.
Our kind found your lot, fond and fair
Until they made us: foe and prey.

Long ago, ever since, we took our bliss
In dreams to come back, and embr

16 February 2007

Orange Timid Moon

O´er the Copan sky
an arch of shadows
weave their webs
with low-lights,
as the moon rises...
orange and timid—
as one more night
passes by...
by the shadows
of the Maya gods
de antigua Copan!...

Note: written while at the Copan Ruines, in Honduras, April, 2005.

Versión en Español
Luna Tímida Anaranjada
Por Dennis Siluk
Traducido por Rosa Peñaloza

Sobre el cielo de Copan
un arco de sombras
teje sus telas
con bajas-luces,
como la luna se levanta...
anaranjada y tímida –
como una noche
más que pasa ...
por las sombras
de los Maya dioses

de antiguo Copan!...

Nota: escrito mientras estaba en las Ruinas de Copan, en Honduras, Abril de 2005.

Nightmare Well

The night winds, hollow—deep in nightmare well, I have peered down it countless
Times, only to find, see primal creatures climb, its slimy sides…!
The horrors deep within this well are horrors before the age of man, powers from
Vast terrestrial spheres, they transverse this well with slimy nightmares,
Give an endless span—; reeking pain within their jaws, claws and gaping hands.
What waits and broods deep in this looming well, I do not know for sure, perhaps:
Monstrous hieroglyphs—dim sunsets, dreams now beastly nightmares.
Against the twilight I have seen them rise—with their vast evil that never dies.
The demons wind echoes through pipes spinning to the top of the well—:
Grim and cold, oozed through the many corridors below….Thus, only the Moon
Sees what legends talk about; ages gone, and to come; hence, if you are sane,
Do not look down the well, unless you cannot help it: what a pity!...

17 September 2006