Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dream of a God (poetic Prose)

Dream of a God
((A Poem for Haiti) (a conspiracy))

1986, Port du Prince Haiti, the Author

At some time in our life, we may have to turn away from disbelief, seeing at least for a while, the possibility of a God because certain hidden voices within us are strengthened or freshened by our soul. While I was in Haiti in 1986, I felt a longing to compose a radical poem, perhaps this one, with roots that would speak to what has its back turned to God.
I began imagining two personalities, one a Christian God the other a Voodoo God (conceivably composed of demonic figures), and one who betrayed the other at one time, in the far-off past, that being the latter. And so I now have started this poem, poetic prose, “Dream of a God,” with images suggesting these Voodoo demonic figures and their betrayal to their brothers, in some far-off pre-Adamic Period—these beings I call sleepwalkers, the un-magnanimous, unfriendly, and excitable who try to rewire our spiritual needs—the enemies of God.
Naming and describing these internal as well as immortal beings, adversary to God is not a practice, although: one that Blake, Keats, H.P. Lovecraft, Poe, Clark A. Smith were good at, that began in the Victorian Period of Western Poetic schools of thought, and has lasted to this day, Postmodernism, and Hollywood has continued it. How many beings dwell in us! Only they know. Certain entertainment industries: music, movies, and now religions, certain forms encourage us going beyond the breaking limits, replacing Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and God the Father—leapfrogging over the Trinity over our valuable spiritualization, to philosophical concerns; religious beliefs as Darwinism, New Age; gods of Astronomy (as Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking would have it), it is as if these individuals or demonic beings want us to accept these compensatory forms as our gods, as if man is still stained with the unpardonable sin, and needs goat’s blood to cleanse him, a conspiracy in essence.

Dedicated to Pastor Naason Mulatre
Midnight Poems VI (8-27-2011) No: 3031