Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Boob Poem (with commentry)

The Boob Poem

Bridget Marquardt, was stretching out her arms today, trying to touch the sky or moon, something up there that looked white or blue, so it seemed to me; to show off her new pinkish-laced bra—thin arms and other things: A big smile on her face as if she swallowed a banana split, her hair hanging about her face, like seaweed—standing by a lake—, and those medium size boobs, trying to reach us passersby’s as if they were ours to arrest—on the internet… and of course, I gave her the eye! Marisa Miller, on the other hand, her boobs were hanging like a lion’s be-hind, inside her bra, something less than a bra, with little ornaments dangling on it ends; her hair covering them up a tinge; Bridget’s bra would never have fit, it would have split. And Jeisa Chiminazzo, didn’t have a thing, to swing, and I think in her picture, she was hiding most of nothing—; if it was something, if it really was something, her elbow was covering most everything, and that’s next to nothing. In Bar Rafaeli’s picture, she squeezes them boobs together like two Condor eggs, ready to burst open—she’s all shape and no face, such a shame. With Malin Akerman, you can’t see a thing, not a thing, but a bare shoulder—and that’s nothing, what’s up dock; we don’t have modest stars—do we; although she has eyes that slant like a cats, or is like rats—not sure which one yet? And how about Oliva Munn, a clean nice face, best of the lot, nice shoulders too—but no boobs or buns, a few fat ripples on her upper legs—she needs to exercise, no more of those chocolate figs—it’s not too late: It would appear, her boobs are hiding somewhere, but where—not in the picture? Perhaps she and Malin, got a thing …by and by, it gives the male’s mind, more for his imagination. (And why did I write this silly poem anyhow… if they can show their boobs, I can write about them!—just so my wife don’t read it! She’ll have a fit…on the other hand, King Solomon wrote about them, so it mustn’t be a sin, perhaps more on the order of gems! )

No: 2907 (3-15-2011)

Commentary and History on Boobs: Can we say boobs have had their day in history? They have in a way formed history. Especially in movies, modeling, in newspapers to get a male’s attention and of course to sell cloths. Presidents have lusted after them, such as Clinton; we can add Samson into that category also. Let’s admit, women have power with boobs, and if they don’t know it, they’ve lived too long in the Andes. Wet boobs are even hotter, the wetter, the hotter. When they get older—they have a life cycle also you know, but when they get older, and when men stop looking at them, I’m sure woman get thinking—I think they might be thinking, I’m not going to ask my wife, but it would seem so, they might feel a little homesick for the lost glory they provided all those decades. For a women or a man, boobs can make the sun come out when it is raining. Some boobs become famous. Some boobs are so big you can’t find the woman’s neck. Boobs are like two-owls looking straight at a man, if indeed they are showing. And so, that is enough of the History of boobs.